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Waterproofing system should always be inspected by a certified professional. Most waterproofing membrane manufacturers do require certified independent inspection as a part of their waterproofing warranty program. Saibek has a team of highly trained inspectors on staff that hold certifications from several of the major waterproofing manufacturers in the market today.

The manufacturer provides the necessary training to certify an individual and educated them on the nuisances of each of their products to insure proper installation. During construction our certified inspectors provide the manufacturer with the necessary documentation to insure that their materials were installed according to the project plans and specifications. We also verify that any damage to the waterproofing systems that has been caused by other trades is repaired. This allows the manufacturer the documentation necessary to issue the appropriate waterproofing warranty to a project.

Saibek also feels that it is important to routinely meet with the manufacturers in order to renew our inspection certifications and to stay on top of developing products.

We have a vast amount of experience conducting these certified independent inspections and we take great pride in our ability to keep buildings dry. Starting at the preconstruction phase, Saibek works with the property owner, the local Building Official, the General Contractor; the product manufacturer and installing sub contractor to establish an acceptable guideline for installation of the systems as well as monitoring, documenting and reporting our findings.
Saibek Provides:
  • Architects with waterproofing system designs that are specific to the project and the individual waterproofing manufacturer’s requirements.
  • Assurance for the owners/developers that all of the elements of the approved (and paid for) plans are properly installed and functioning.
  • Assurance for the manufacturer that the installation is in full compliance with the approved plans and warranty agreements.
  • The ability to work closely with all installing contractors in order to implement successful inspections.