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Waterproofing Contractors In Chennai
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Waterproofing Contractors In ChennaiWe think you’ll find our way of doing business a refreshing change from what you’ve come to expect from other waterproofing and foundation repair contractors. Here’s why:
No high-pressure sales pitches
Your time is important, and we don’t want to waste a minute of it. That’s why you’ll never get a high pressure sales pitch from us. What you will get is real information on what caused your basement to leak and how it can be fixed once and for all.
A Thorough Evaluation
When an Saibek Waterproofing Consultant shows up at your door, you can be sure that they are there to do business. Our trained consultants will:
  1. discuss your wet basement problems with you
  2. • thoroughly analyze your basement
  3. provide you with a detailed assessment as to the cause of your wet basement problem
  4. explain how Saibek Waterproofing will permanently end that problem
  5. provide a range of dry basement options for you to consider based on a set price list

Regular Communication
Once your decision has been made, we take the information delivery process one step further by thoroughly discussing your "work order" with you to ensure that you and the Saibek waterproofing installation crew are all on the same page to reduce the possibility of mistakes and confusion. We also reserve a date on our installation calendar right then and there.

Customer Satisfaction
To ensure that all work was done to your satisfaction, we will provide you with Saibek waterproofing “Completion Certificate” upon job completion for you to fill out.

Future Peace of Mind
You’ll receive Saibek Waterproofing Full Life-of-the-Structure Warranty, which offers you one of the waterproofing industry’s toughest protection packages while at the same time increasing the value of your home.
The bottom line: Saibek waterproofing delivers a permanent solution to your waterproofing problems in your buildings — minus the hassles and headaches.

Waterproofing Contractors In ChennaiWaterproofing Contractors In Chennai